The Independent Virtual Academy

The courses and programs offered by The Independent Virtual Academy (TIVA) are fully accredited by AdvancED/SACS-CASI and the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools.  The MAIS is an AdvancED integrated partner.  AP courses are College Board approved.  Students wishing to transfer credits earned through TIVA should verify acceptance by their traditional school.

Mission Statement: 

The mission of The Independent Virtual Academy is to provide a quality education in a virtual format, preparing our students for success in the 21st Century. 

Vision of School Administration:  

The vision held by the administration of TIVA is to remain current with or ahead of trends in education delivery via virtual methods.  The vision includes working closely with school associations, individual schools, and individual students to improve their use of digital learning tools and to better integrate technology into their learning plans.  This vision can only be achieved through extensive and persistent research, through on-site learning and training, and through the building of relationships with digital learning and education technology developers and providers.


Basic information:

TIVA is a fully accredited MAIS (Mississippi Association of Independent Schools) virtual school offering education resources for full time students (diploma granting program),  international students, home-school students, and students enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools (individual courses for new credit or credit recovery).  TIVA shares the high academic ideals of the MAIS and is proud to bring the tradition of excellence of our Association to the virtual environment.  

In addition to accreditation by MAIS, TIVA is also fully accredited as a Digital Learning School by AdvancED/SACS-CASI.  This internationally recognized accreditation insures credibility of TIVA course credits and diploma for students during the college application process.

For more information concerning the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools, including a directory of traditional MAIS schools that utilize our offerings, please visit the MAIS website HERE.

For more information concerning AdvancED and the importance of accreditation, please visit the AdvancED website HERE.


Creation and Growth:

Students began utilizing the individual course and program offerings from TIVA during the spring of 2014.  In the fall of 2015, the first full-time students became enrolled into TIVA.  As of Spring 2019, TIVA has served thousands of student enrollments and, because of the flexible nature of our online program, additional students are being added each week.  

We expect TIVA students to excel at the next level, whether they choose college, military service, or the workforce, just as our brick-and-mortar MAIS students have done for decades.  The rigor of the TIVA curriculum ensures quality content and instruction. Recognized worldwide, an accredited MAIS/AdvancED diploma is a key component for successful college admission and scholarship offers.

In addition, TIVA administrators provide guidance to individual school and school district leaders as they navigate the online and/or blended learning space.  TIVA administrators strongly believe that online resources and opportunities will grow to become a large component of both the American and international educational systems.