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With more than 5,500 lessons and 200,000 pages of objectives-based interactive content, the ALS offered by TIVA is a powerful tool for highly targeted prescriptive learning and remediation.  ALS Summative and Formative Assessments make it easy for teachers to create customized learning paths for struggling students who need remediation as well as advanced learners who need accelerated coursework.  ALS can prescribe content based on assessment results across multiple grade levels to precisely target each student's learning need- whether they have significant learning gaps or they're looking to extend their knowledge to more accelerated content.

The ALS program has been utilized effectively to provide recovery courses for middle school students who struggled with mastery of content and skills.  ALS can be used as a summer enrichment program strengthening skills from the previous year while preparing students to face those yet to come.  In turn, it can be used throughout the academic year according to student need and blends seamlessly with existing classroom instruction.  The ALS program also can serve a role as online content providing remediation, enrichment, and enhancement for students enrolled in an after school program.

Much of ALS content has been redesigned for use on the iPad to deliver untethered learning.  With more than 90 language arts, math, science, social studies, and high school electives titles available the iPad, ALS is well-suited for schools supporting a wide range of student devices.  This added flexibility makes it easy for students to work on their individualized learning plan in the classroom, at the library, in learning labs, at home, or anywhere with Internet connectivity.

School administrators or teachers should contact TIVA to discuss what ALS purchase option best fits the needs of their students.  Options include the enrolled student user model (an individual student enrolled in the program and utilizing all available titles) and the concurrent student user model (the school owns a block of seats with an assigned content bundle and can rotate students through these seats).  

All courses and programs are fully accredited by the MAIS.

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