Credit Recovery Courses offered by The Independent Virtual Academy

The Independent Virtual Academy is pleased to offer a wide selection of credit recovery courses to our students.  CR courses are fully-accredited and are acceptable to be used as replacement credits on a student's report card, transcript, and permanent record.  Credit Recovery courses offered by TIVA utilize a proven diagnostic-driven model that allows students to test out of the material they have previously mastered so they can focus on the concepts that challenge them.  CR courses are offered per semester allowing a student who did not pass the first semester portion of a full-year course to recover credit for that portion while continuing to work through the second semester portion on their campus (with admin approval/for dual-enrollment students).  

All courses and programs are fully accredited by AdvancED/SACS-CASI and the MAIS.

See here for the Credit Recovery Course Descriptions.  Courses are offered throughout the year on a per semester basis.  

For the Online Course Additional materials list, please click here.  

Select course and semester (if two semester course) and proceed to the Enrollment Procedure page to continue.