Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment into a course or program offered by TIVA is a simple process.  

  • Selection of course/program by student (one to three courses as individual courses or four or more courses as a full time school enrollment).

  • Approval of course/program by parent, guardian, or school administrator.

  • Completion and submission of student enrollment form; Since TIVA students can enroll as part-time or full-time students, please see the distinct links below for students enrolling in 1-3 courses vs. students enrolling in 4+ courses. Note that TIVA does cap enrollment numbers in order to provide a manageable school environment. This allows our staff to develop a personal relationship with all students. If the enrollment cap has been met for the year, a TIVA administrator will contact families attempting to register and provide additional information and advice.

  • Payment of necessary tuition and fees; click here for 2018-2019 Tuition and Fees; check here for additional materials necessary for each course.

  • Enrollment into course/program by TIVA administration.

Part-time students:  For students enrolling into 1-3 courses:  Click here for the student enrollment form. A payment link will be sent to applicants after the review of enrollment documents has been completed. 

Full-time students:  For students enrolling into 4+ courses: Click here to begin the student enrollment process.  Once the initial forms are submitted, an enrollment specialist will guide the family through the remainder of the enrollment process.

Please contact TIVA via email or phone for assistance with course or program selection or with assistance during the enrollment process.  Every student has individual needs and concerns and we are here to address those and support our students at all times.