The Full Time School Program offered by

The Independent Virtual Academy

The award winning curriculum from K12, our content partner, currently totals more than 24,000 lessons and 100,000 multimedia components- designed especially for a full time online environment.  Unlike many course providers, K12 does not simply scan a textbook and label it as an online course.  K12 courses have been designed and developed for online delivery from the outset, and use research-based methods to address the various ways that students learn.  The courses use animation, game simulations, avatars, threaded online discussion groups, video lectures, online lessons, offline materials, and multiple forms of assessment to help students attain mastery and demonstrate progress against learning objectives.  K12 courses are integrated within a year and across years, so that lessons and skills learned in one course are continued in other courses, making this curriculum perfect for a student taking a full schedule of online courses.

The full time school program is intended for a student wishing to enroll in 4, 5, or 6 courses at a time and to utilize the program as his or her primary source of schooling.  A student enrolled in the K-8 program will utilize adaptive course material delivered online as well as hands-on materials including textbooks, CDs, and classic literature shipped to his or her home.  The program for high school students is delivered entirely online.  

All courses and programs are fully accredited by the MAIS and AdvancED/SACS-CASI.  

AP courses are College Board approved.

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