Individual Courses Offered by The Independent Virtual Academy

Offering over 200 self-paced courses, TIVA meets the need for students and schools wishing to participate in online learning.  The curriculum has been crafted based on extensive education research and has proven successful for students to gain content knowledge and earn middle and high school credits.  It features a rich multimedia format with interactive elements, including whiteboard illustrations, manipulative, practice games, and videos, that help keep students engaged and motivated to learn.  It also includes interactive tutorials to help illustrate complex concepts more clearly.  TIVA's expansive course catalog covers all core subjects, six world languages, and dozens of electives.  

All courses and programs are fully accredited by AdvancED/SACS-CASI and the MAIS.  AP courses are College Board approved.

For students, TIVA offers individual courses provided on a per semester basis.  Students may enroll in as many courses semester as they would like (per admin approval if dually-enrolled).  The individual course option is a terrific way for students to revisit challenging material or to receive core, foreign language, or elective credit in a new course.  TIVA serves the needs of homeschool students by providing access to fully accredited primary, middle, and high school curricula through both full-time schooling and individual course options.  Possibly, a student's brick-and-mortar school doesn't offer exotic foreign languages, career oriented electives, or AP courses.  They are all offered from TIVA and we are here to help students add these courses to their academic records.     

For schools, TIVA courses allow schools to meet each student at his or her point of need- from those who are struggling or at risk of dropping out to those seeking greater academic challenges or wanting to enrich their learning.  TIVA helps to solve issues with catalog expansion, with homebound or transfer students, and with low enrollment and hard-to-staff courses. TIVA will work with your school to lower the cost to provide a high-quality education as well as simplify the administration of online learning. at your.  TIVA will train your on-campus mentor to properly and simply administer a virtual learning program and discuss with you ways to utilize fully-online or blended learning courses.  Call or email to receive more information about utilizing TIVA as your school's online program provider.

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Courses are offered throughout the year on a per semester basis.  

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